"While some art is created to be entertaining, 

the goal of my work is to speak about the truths you hold dear. 

The stories here recognize your own quest for connection 

and remind us all of the honor, truth, and nobility 

that resides inside every person."

- Scott

Some of the Stories Told

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Jesus and the Children

Let the Little Children Come


A Cup in His Name
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In Memory of-Stories

In Memory of...
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Tears from a Grateful Heart
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Fred Floyd-Portrait

Fred Floyd - Southern Nazarene University
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Fountain Bowl 


Inverness Military Service Monument
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Above the Allagash
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Do as I Have Done
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10 Comm WEB

10 Commandments

Every bronze statue or monument tells a tale. Whether they are portraits of people, representation of faith and ideals, or honoring our nations heroes, the stories are always true. Each detail of a piece is carefully chosen and crafted reflect the narrative.