Scott spent his early years in Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, and Oklahoma. The son of a pastor, Scott developed a profound respect for the importance of expressing the truth. Over the years, he has cultivated relationships with clients who value his ability to tell stories through sculpture. He approaches each piece with a sensitive heart and the eyes of an artist, always looking for the truth in stories that lay beneath the surface.

Scott’s goal is to create permanent moments of truth that flow from his hands into the hearts of people. Perhaps in a sculpture, someone will be reminded, and reconnect to a sacred part of their soul.


Every day, in my studio, hands and clay form ideas. I am aware that I hold this image for just a moment in time. This  work will eventually reside with someone else. Years from now, people I will never know, will stop and look and touch and consider the work I do today. So every day, I think about those people, looking for the secret. Will this speak well when I’m not around to explain? So, my work becomes my voice, and my voice must speak clearly. 

One day in the foundry I saw my fingerprint cast in bronze on the surface of one of my sculptures, an unintended mistake. That day, I learned a valuable lesson. My fingerprints are on every thing I do in life. What I do today is forever.

So, why do I do this? Because I believe in the power of art to speak into our culture. The tone of a community is enhanced when art speaks clearly of the unchanging truths that are so important to you and me.



“I endeavor to create sculpture that connects with the hearts of people and reflects back to them the beauty and dignity of their life, their faith, their mission, and their sacrifice. Everyone has a story. To identify the noble character of the person or organization and make it known to a watching world raises their esteem and asks them to look at life through a fresh lens. I often encounter stories of the unsung; the silent servants who offer the best of their labor to their church, communities, or country. I believe these are always unrealized sculptures. Bronze sculpture outlives us all, telling its story, speaking its truth, ‘tirelessly asking the future to pause and remember.’ “


“My goal is communication. Sculpture is the means I use to carry a story to the heart of the viewer. There seems to be two mindsets with artists today. One artist says, ‘It’s your responsibility to understand me’ and the other says, ‘it is my responsibility to communicate with you.’ Those are exact opposites. Never allow an artist, through their work, to make you feel uninformed, unenlightened or less than anyone. The issue is the work and not the viewer. The world is in little need of another message of chaos or confusion. Art should provide clarity, illumination, and understanding; deeper insight into the wonders of life and love and faith. When someone looks at the sculpture I will create over my lifetime, I want them to see a sincere body of work that reflects the divine design, and a life spent responding to the whispers of the soul.