The sculpture of the eagle is a life-size Golden Eagle. I was inspired to do this work one day when I was driving down the pass into Colorado Springs. My wife and I live in Woodland Park, Colorado, at 8550 feet elevation, so the trip to Colorado Springs is 14 miles east and 2500 feet down. One day as I was on this road, movement caught my eye on the right, and as I turned my head, a huge Golden Eagle passed me. I was driving about 50 miles an hour, so his size and speed were both impressive. He swooped down and then lifted his head and soared into a beautiful blue Colorado sky.

I visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and studied the Goldens there. I started to work on what I considered to be a portrait of a friend. I wanted the sculpture to reflect strength, determination, and spirit. I named the sculpture “Freedom.” That great bird soaring into the sky that day was the freest thing I had ever seen. And then I considered our national symbol. Strength, determination, and spirit were the words that came to my mind again.