Creating a military sculpture is a huge honor and a massive responsibility. How do you sculpt honor and dignity and sacrifice? I have spent my career learning. I know that long after my work is finished, and no one is there to explain, the meaning of this monument must be clear and endure. So now, when I’m alone in my studio shaping the clay, I feel the weight of the moment. The families, the faithful, and the fallen are looking over my shoulder … whispering … making sure I tell the story well.


Inverness Military Service Monument
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trust-in-me-my friend

Trust in Me, My Friend

The Eagle (4 of 29)

The American Eagle 

Tears - SNU008 small

Southern Nazarene University

In Memory of-Stories

In Memory of...
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SF Battle Cross - Colorado


Greenfield Indiana Veterans Memorial


Vidor, Texas


Tears from a Grateful Heart
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Ski Trooper

10th Mountain Ski Trooper 

The Battle Cross

The Battle Cross - Greenfield, Indiana

Creating a military sculpture is a huge honor and a massive responsibility because monuments are a reflection of who we value and what we value. I learned years ago with my first veteran’s sculpture that the work and detail must be correct. But more important than simply creating an accurate image, I must tell the story well; take cold impersonal bronze and shape a story that connects with the heart of everyone who will stand before it.