"People listen to Scott. And, Scott leans in to listen to people. That is probably why he’s so outstanding at what he does." - Kelley Leigh

A Gifted Orator

Along with being an amazing artist and sculptor, Scott has a way with words. As the son of a pastor, he picked up public speaking with ease. His topics are always thoughtful and inspirational.

If you would like to schedule Scott to speak at your event, please reach out.

Artist Statement

Every day, in my studio, hands and clay form ideas. I am aware that I hold this image for just a moment in time. The work of my hands will eventually reside with someone else. Years from now, people I will never know, will stop and look and touch and consider the work I do today.

Because I’m a storyteller, I’m thinking about those people, looking for the secret. How do I communicate with someone I will never meet? Will this speak well when I’m not around to explain? So, my work becomes my voice, and my voice must speak clearly.

One day in the foundry I saw my fingerprint cast in bronze on the surface of one of my sculptures, an unintended mistake. That day, I learned a valuable lesson. My fingerprints are on every thing I do in life. What I do today is forever. The process of creating sculpture has taught me that every day I have the opportunity to detract or add; make it dishonorable or make it honorable; create distortion or create beauty.

So, why do I do this? Because I believe in the power of art to speak into our culture. The tone of a community is enhanced when art speaks clearly of the unchanging truths that are so important to you and me.