Sitting at my computer this morning rather than driving to my studio where the room is cluttered and the list is long. Remembering when I worked at a job that was sucking the life out of me while my soul dreamed of a day like today. In those times, when I thought my creativity was stifled because I was working at what I didn’t love, I dreamed of a day like today; work waiting on my bench and clients waiting for the result. However, I can say, looking back on those days, my creative energy was on fire. I dreamed ideas…new ways to say things…storied shapes speaking clearly…imagining my vision becoming reality and someone actually would care.

It all felt so alive and vibrant. And now I have work that isn’t drudgery. And I have the opportunity I hoped for. But I have to say that I miss those days when it felt like every nerve was on alert and my creative fire burned white-hot.

So, if you find yourself conflicted between what you do to feed your family and what your heart longs for, embrace that conflict and the passion it reveals because in it you have been given the gift of seeing and knowing what is in your heart…. while many never know.