A New Setting

A New Setting

After living in the Rocky Mountains for years, Scott Stearman has returned to his home state. His studio may be located in Bethany, Oklahoma, but his mission remains unaltered. This Oklahoma sculptor creates pieces that connect with viewers while honoring faith and those who serve. With customers and art lovers in mind, Scott partnered with myheartcreative to develop a website that allows visitors to:Review monuments.Understand the sculpting process.Learn some of the stories behind his work…

A Cup…in His Name

Many years ago I was approached by a compassionate ministry organization with the request that I create a new sculpture that could represent their work. My goal was to sculpt a piece that could tell their story but also represent the story of compassion that is present in every group who is stepping into that hard place.The motivation for a design can come from many different places.In the mid-1980s, a lot of us remember that the famine in Africa held our attention. Every night on the evening ne…

The Sermon in my pocket

Working on military monuments and sculptures, I talk with service members I encounter to learn more about their stories. One of the small details of military culture I’m learning about is the challenge coin. These are special coins given by units or individuals to other service members when they have served together.They are presented in a hand shake; few words exchanged; everyone just understands.

Masters and Novices

In 1982, Hermine and I lived in Prairie Village, on the Kansas side of the Kansas City metro area. On our summer vacation to Colorado, one afternoon we drove south from Westcliffe to La Veta Pass. My dad entertained us with stories about when his family came over the same pass to do migrant work in the San Luis Valley during the depression in the 1930s.I always felt connected to the Rocky Mountains and his stories welded that connection even stronger.Our destination was a little town called Cuch…

My friend is a sculptor…Guest Post by Kelley Leigh

When my friend Scott starts to tell a story, a chatty room gets quiet. His stories are witty, drawn out patiently, and worth hearing. He’s like big ole’ Grizzly Adams, Will Rogers, and your favorite cousin, all wrapped together.

Special Forces Monument

In my home town of Woodland Park, we have a lot of soldiers. The Army’s Ft. Carson is 40 minutes down the pass and we hear often about another soldier from the base who’s not coming home from war.“Fergy” was a Master Sergeant with the 10th Special Forces Group, a Green Beret.

Dad’s flower boxes

I think I’ll plant flowers this year. It’s an unusually warm time right now up here in the mountains. Even though my studio sits next to a stream that runs year ’round with snowmelt from Pikes Peak, I can sit in the sun today in a tee shirt … and it feels good.I haven’t had flowers on the deck across the stream for two years.

Military Memorials

Gold Star MomsI received a couple of emails this morning from two Gold Star Mothers. They both watched their sons leave for the war in the desert; both bold and ready and strong. And then … an awful day … he’s not coming home.

My new Blog

Through my career, so many have been fascinated by the process of creating sculpture. A visit to my studio always seemed to be fun for them. So, a portion of what I will be offering here is simply regular visits to my studio, my projects, and my process.If you’d like to see what I’m up to, sign up for the email updates on this page and you’ll hear from me when I think there’s something going on that you might enjoy.My posts will be lots of pictures with brief comments.